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C.V. for Ann Marie (Scholl) Reinhold

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Links to my peer-reviewed scientific papers are below:

Reinhold, A.M., E.D. Raile, C. Izurieta, J. McEvoy, H.W. King, G.C. Poole, R.C. Ready, N.T. Bergmann, and E.A. Shanahan. 2022. Persuasion with Precision: Using Natural Language Processing to Improve Instrument Fidelity for Risk Communication Experimental Treatments. Journal of Mixed Methods Research. DOI:

Poole, G.C., S.K. Fogg, S.J. O'Daniel, B.E. Amerson, A.M. Reinhold, S.P. Carlson, E.J. Mohr, and H.C. Oakland. 2022. Hyporheic hydraulic geometry: Conceptualizing relationships among hyporheic exchange, storage, and water age. 2022. PLoS ONE. 17(1): e0262080 . DOI: 

Raile, E.D., E.A. Shanahan, J. McEvoy, C. Izurieta, N.T. Bergmann, R. Ready, A.M. Reinhold, and G.C. Poole. 2021. Narrative Risk Communication as a Lingua Franca for Natural Environmental Hazard Preparation. Environmental Communication. 16(1):108-124 DOI: plan ID# 20190729AA published at

West, N.M., and A.M. Reinhold (co-first authors), G.C. Poole, and E.K. Espeland. 2020.  Flood dynamics dictate distributions of Russian olive Elaeagnus angustifolia L. on riverine floodplains. Biological Invasions. 22:3493-3499. DOI:

Fogg, S.K., S.J. O'Daniel, G.C. Poole, A.M. Reinhold, and A. Hyman. 2020. A simple, reliable method for long‐term, in‐stream data logger installation using rock climbing hardware. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 11:684-689. DOI:

Bergmann, N., J. McEvoy, E.A. Shanahan, E. Raile, A.M. Reinhold, G.C. Poole, and C. Izurieta. 2020. Thinking through levees: how political agency extends beyond the human mind. Annals of the American Association of Geographers. 110(3):827-846. DOI:

Shanahan,E.A., A.M. Reinhold, E.D. Raile, G.C.Poole, R.Ready (co-first authors), J. McEvoy, N. Bergmann, C. Izurieta, and H. King. 2019. Characters matter: How narratives shape affective responses to risk communication. PLoS ONE. 14(12):e0225968. DOI:

Reinhold, A.M., G.C. Poole, C. Izurieta, A.M. Helton, and E.S. Bernhardt. 2019. Constraint-based simulation of multiple interactive elemental cycles in biogeochemical systems. Ecological Informatics. 50:102-121. DOI:

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Reinhold, A.M., G.C. Poole, R.G. Bramblett, A.V. Zale, and D.W. Roberts. 2018. Landscape assessment of side-channel plugs and associated cumulative side-channel attrition across a large river floodplain. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 190:305. DOI:

Reinhold, A.M., R.G. Bramblett, A.V. Zale, G.C. Poole, and D.W. Roberts. 2017. Spatially-dependent responses of a large river fish assemblage to bank stabilization and side channels. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 146:967-982. DOI:

Reinhold, A.M., R.G. Bramblett, A.V. Zale, D.W. Roberts, and G.C. Poole. 2016. Comparative use of side and main channels by small-bodied fish in a large, unimpounded river. Freshwater Biology. 61:1611-1626. DOI:

Sato, A., A.M Scholl (co-first authors), E.N. Kuhn, H.A. Stadt, J.R. Decker, K. Pegram, M.R. Hutson, and M.L. Kirby. 2011. FGF8 signaling is chemotactic for cardiac neural crest cells. Developmental Biology. 354:18-30. DOI:

Scholl, A.M., and M.L. Kirby. 2009. Signals controlling neural crest contributions to the heart. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Systems Biology and Medicine. 1:220-227. DOI: