Recent happenings

Photo: Elliot Johnson



October - The press release for our NSF Signals in the Soils grant is published!

October - The press release for our Cyber QR Ops grant is published!

October - Gratitude and excitement are abundant!  Thanks to PI Clem Izurieta's strong leadership and perseverance, funds are in place to begin working on our $3.1-million DHS research appropriations grant entitled "Cyber QR Ops: Improving the quality and resiliency of critical computing infrastructure"!  Liz Shanahan, Sara Guenther, and I will be leading research at the frontier of science risk communication in the cybersecurity domain.  Very excited to commence this critical, multidisciplinary work.

September - Ann Marie discusses her research, passion for science, and advice for young scientists on the Montana CREWS Blog (full interview) and the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative newsletter (abbreviated interview).

September - Our article in Biological Invasions, Flood dynamics dictate distributions of Elaeagnus angustifolia L. (Russian olive) on a riverine floodplain, led by Natalie West and myself, is published online.

September - Big news!  Our NSF SitS proposal is awarded!  The project officially begins January 2021.

July - NSF SitS proposal, "Coupling High Frequency Soil Solute Signals and Scalable Simulations to Quantify Biogeochemical Mechanisms Governing Water Quality" - led by Stephanie Ewing with co-PI's Stephan Warnat, Ann Marie Reinhold, and Rob Payn - is recommended for funding!

June - Ann Marie receives the 2019 Editors' Citation for Excellence in Refereeing for Geophysical Research Letters

February - Our article in MEE, A simple, reliable method for long‐term, in‐stream data logger installation using rock‐climbing hardware, led by Ph.D. student S. Katie Fogg, is published online. 

January - Liz Shanahan gives a fantastic interview about the findings published in our PLoS paper.


December - Our article, Characters matter: How narratives shape affective responses to risk communication, is published in PLoS ONE.

October - Ann Marie is promoted to Assistant Research Professor in LRES Department at MSU.

October - Ann Marie officially joins the NSF EPSCoR funded Consortium for Research on Environmental Water Systems (CREWS) and will be working closely with Stephanie Ewing and Rob Payn!

October - Our AAAG article, Thinking Through Levees: How Political Agency Extends Beyond the Human Mind, led by Ph.D. student Nic Bergmann, is published online.

July - Our RRA article, Riverine turtles select habitats maintained by natural discharge regimes in an unimpounded large river, led by Brian Tornabene, is published.